Haunted, 1998. Graphite, watercolor.

A ghost comic.

Works in Progress

In Spirit. Ink, watercolor. 

Comic about grieving the loss of a friend. 

Nick 2015

Canis (2016) graphite, ink, watercolor. 

full comic here. 

Seth. Graphite, ink, watercolor.

Relationship comic set in Brooklyn. Collaboration with writer Paige Tutt.

Heather (2015) graphite, ink, watercolor. 

full comic here. 

Savepoint (2015) graphite, ink, watercolor. 

Long-form comic displayed as part of the What Type of Girl? solo exhibition at Babycastles, DIY video game space and gallery

in NYC.

Details the giddy beginning, short-lived happiness, and long breakdown of a relationship and the choice the narrator must make after its end. 

Click here to view excerpts.


Meeting Place (2016) graphite, ink, watercolor.

Part of What Type of Girl? exhibition at Babycastles, NYC.

full comic here.